Dj Hydra – Facebook Live vol.11

Dj Hydra sesión en directo de cantaditas dance remember de los 90 y 00 en facebook live el 04 de marzo 2018.


1.Milk inc – Inside of me
2.Charo Camppillos – Blue eyes
3.Apocalipsis dj – X Cratchin
4.Dj space c – Don’t break my heart
5.Rachel auburn – RA08
6.Kathy read – Tonight
7.Clubmasterz – Cyberdrive
8.Youri – Twister
9.Milk inc – Land of the living
10.Head horny meets total tevel – Rejekter
11.La luna – When the morning comes
12.Dj bubu – Pick it up
13.Dj ekis & Sr pely – Passion
14.Marijuana 2003 – Ahora vas y lo traes
15.Heaven & eart – Thank god it’s friday
16.Bumping corporation vol.2 – I got you
17.Weekend feat salva alsiach – Give me answers
18.Club corporation vol.2 – The wasp
19.Di face feat anubis – Waiting for the night
20.The dentist – Painless
21.Fracus – Mirage
22.Head horny’s & Dj miguel serna – Ma name
23.Milk inc – Whisper
24.Kate ryan – Desenchantée
25.Carlos vk & dj naz – Soy tu ano
26.Jorge leon dj – Complicated
27.Stefan makoy – Sunday’s party
28.Pelaez dj – Poker face
29.Dj tragai – Maniac mania
30.Rodri dj & pelaez dj – Maniac
31.Eclipse vol.1 – Crazy wave
32.Emeralds – Do it for love
33.Ace of beat – Responsible
34.Dj tanzem – Check this out
35.Insolent tracks – Synaesthesia
36.Angie dj – Up & down
37.4 melodies – Everdream
38.Symbol feat double x-side – Innocence
39.Loar – Turnable psycho
40.Benny bee feat jenny b – Waiting for you
41.Pont aeri vol.4 – Flying free