Dj Hydra – Facebook Live Vol.06

Sesión en directo de cantaditas dance remember de los 90 y 00 en facebook live el pasado 12 Diciembre 2017.


1.Limite five – No reason
2.Di carlo – Fire alert
3.Viva – Heart & soul
4.The jumping crew – Jump you ass off
5.Jamie dee – Don’t be shy
6.Subsonik – Liquid energy
7.La luna – Fallin
8.Dj ruben cruz – Back to reality
9.Morgana – A sign
10.The guacimo project – The sniper
11.Dms – Waiting for your smile
12.Rave fighters – Comecocos
13.Whisky risky – Take it to the limit
14.Opera – Ludwig is alive
15.Lucky loops – Clap your hands
16.Bandido – For sale
17.Futura – Devil is real
18.Beny bee feat jenny b – Waitin for you
19.Southside spinners – Luvstruck
20.Mallinaga vs Fallasco ?– Escomo La Cocaina
21.Revival – Snake eyes
22.Milk inc – Losing love
23.Tina cousins – Pray
24.Merlin – Change me
25.The members of the table IV – Victim of your love
26.Dj fili – Broken drums
27.Alexia phillips – Dance with me
28.Indiana Beach Feat Shiva Kaa ?– Talking Trees
29.Stefano secchi feat taleesa – A brighter day
30.Gouryella – Ligaya
31.Fragma feat maria rubia – Everytime you need me
32.Hampenberg – Ducktoy
33.Noe – Love is on fire
34.Dj moncho – 5 seconds
35.Toni atomic feat eloise – Sweet sleep
36.CB2 – Xplode
37.Silverblue – Do u know
38.Dj leandro gado vs torro – Fucking cat
39.Dasha – Another lie
40.Bumping corporation vol.2 – I got you
41.Abigail – Don’t you wanna know?
42.Dj zanny – Plork
43.Tmjp & Sheila k – Endless love
44.Paul droid – Tears in the sky
45.Mrs ping & mr pong – S.O.S
46.Kay cee – Millennium stringz
47.Dj pinta – Real life
48.Orlando – Everyday
49.Dj sakin & friends – Protect your mind